Symptoms of Conduct Disorders in Children

Symptoms of Conduct Disorders in Children

Conduct disorders in children have a set of symptoms that are hard to ignore, but what are these mental disorders and why are they so dangerous? Children who have a conduct disorder are usually highly impulsive, difficult to control, and are not bothered by what other people feel because they have little or no empathy. These kids have a problem making and keeping real friends, and they do not try to hide aggression. Some may become violent even at a young age. Many children with these disorders are eventually diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder as adults. Not all children who are diagnosed with a conduct disorder will develop antisocial personality disorder as adults, and some who do develop this mental disorder may still live successful lives. Right no there is no clear diagnostic test or exam which can identify which of the children with these mental disorders will become a danger t society and which ones will not.

Some of the most common symptoms of conduct disorders and associated adult mental disorders include:

  • Rule breaking
  • Behavior towards other people and animals that is aggressive, cruel, malicious, or violent. This includes fighting, bullying, animal cruelty, stealing, and even rape or other forced sexual activity.
  • Fire setting
  • Truancy, especially when this occurs in a child under 13 years old
  • Running away
  • Vandalism or intentional destruction of property
  • Frequently lying
  • Failing to follow the laws and rules of society
  • Legal problems
  • Heavy or chronic substance abuse as a child or teenager


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