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  • Alcohol Abuse, Alcohol Dependence, and Alcohol Addiction: What is the Difference?

    What is the difference between alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, and alcohol addition? Many cultures and societies around the world involve alcohol use, but when this substance is consumed on a regular basis or in excess it leads to problems. Alcohol abuse refers to drinking patterns …

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  • What Constitutes Alcohol Abuse?

    What constitutes alcohol abuse, and is alcohol addiction an extension of this substance abuse? Alcohol abuse is characterized by alcohol use that has negative consequences, yet the drinker continues the same pattern in spite of these consequences. Alcohol addiction can be an extension of alcohol …

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  • Alcohol Addiction in Homeless Adults Usually Begins With Alcohol Abuse as Children

    A recent study at Bellevue Hospital in NYC, New York shows that homeless individuals with alcohol addiction usually began their alcohol abuse as children. New York University School of Medicine physician and leas study author Dr. Ryan McCormack stated “For people who have homes and …

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  • Alcohol Addiction and Medical Detox

    Alcohol addiction can become very severe, and if you have been drinking for an extended time, drinking daily, and drinking significant amounts of alcohol then medical detox may be necessary. Alcohol addiction can include a physical dependence on this substance, and if you suddenly stop …

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