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  • Can Chronic Pain Increase When A Partner is Depressed?

    It is no secret that chronic pain can lead to depression, but a recent study has identified a link between an increase in chronic pain and the depression suffered by an intimate partner. The investigators determined that people who have depressed partners have a higher …

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  • Can CBT Treat Chronic Pain?

    Chronic pain affects millions of people around the world, and narcotic pain medications are often prescribed to treat this condition but that can lead to addiction, insomnia, digestive problems, and many other issues that affect your life and health. A new study has shown that …

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  • Chronic Pain and Prescription Drug Abuse

    Someone who suffers from chronic pain has a higher risk of engaging in prescription drug abuse and needing addiction treatment as a result of their attempts to relieve the pain. Usually these patients receive a prescription for pain medications, and as time goes on the …

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  • 20% of Americans Deal With Chronic Pain According to New Analysis

    A recent analysis shows that approximately one out of five American adults deal with chronic pain for extended periods of time. This complicates the issue of prescription pain medication abuse, because many Americans have a legitimate need for proper pain management yet the risks of …

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