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  • Can Psychosis in Young Adults be Eased by Exercise?

    A recent University of Manchester study has shown some surprising results, and indicates that psychosis in young adults could be eased with exercise. Joseph Firth, a doctoral student and the lead author of the study, cautioned “This was only a pilot study, but the improvements, …

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  • How can Exercise Help With Depression?

    Depression can range from mild to severe enough to be life threatening, and this mental disorder may be treated in a number of different ways. Most mental health and medical professionals all agree that exercise can play a big role in treating depression, as well …

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  • 5 Great Reasons to Exercise During Substance Abuse Treatment and Addiction Recovery

    1. Endorphins- When you exercise during substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery your brain will release natural substances called endorphins. These chemicals flood your brain during strenuous activity or an intense workout, and they help to improve your mood and your outlook on life. Endorphins …

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