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  • 5 Physical Signs of Internet Addiction

    1. Changes in Weight- An Internet addiction can often causes severe weight changes. It is possible to lose or gain weight when you are lost in the online world. Weight loss can occur because you are not eating, so caught up in your online activities …

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  • 5 Types of Internet Addiction

    1. Cybersex Addiction- This type of Internet addiction involves online porn, adult websites. Sexual fantasy chat rooms, web cams with XXX ratings, and other sexual related activities online. When these activities interfere with real world sexual or romantic relationships or they are used excessively then …

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  • 5 Great Tips for Anyone With an Internet Addiction

    1. There are a number of tips for recovery if you have an Internet addiction. One is to think about how much time you actually spend online, and then make a list of the things in life that you are missing out on because of …

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