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  • Marijuana May be Used by Young Adults to Self Medicate for Negative Emotions and Moods

    A study that was recently released has found that adolescents and young adults who frequently use marijuana may do so in order to control negative emotions and moods. According to researchers marijuana use may provide temporary relief but in the long run this attempt to …

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  • 9 Fascinating Marijuana Facts

    1. One of the interesting marijuana facts is that more than 22 million people around the globe use marijuana on a daily basis. 2. 162 million adult individuals in the world have used marijuana at least once in the last year, and many of these …

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  • Is Marijuana Really a Gateway Drug?

    Marijuana is often referred to as a gateway drug, but is this actually true? There are opposing views on this subject, with studies that show teens and young adults often use marijuana before they turn to harder illicit drugs but that also show that alcohol …

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