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  • The Language Used When Discussing Mental Illness can Make a Big Difference in Tolerance Levels

    Researchers have concluded that even the smallest subtle differences in the language used when discussing mental illness can have a big impact on the tolerance levels that are seen. The study is the very first one to examine whether participants had less tolerance for those …

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  • 4 Helpful Tips for Dealing With Mental Illness During the Holiday Season

    1. If you or someone you love suffers from mental illness one of the best things that you can do is to be understanding and compassionate. Mental disorders can make life difficult, and the holidays are a tough time even for those who do not …

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  • 4 Very Important Mental Illness Facts

    1. One important truth about mental illness is that this does not happen alone, there are many other factors at play as well. Your genetics, environmental factors, lifestyle and habits, substance abuse, traumas in your past, and even your family ties and social relationships can …

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  • Depression and Other Forms of Mental Illness Not Just Normal Aging

    Depression and other forms of mental illness are common in the elderly and aging populations, but these are not just part of the normal aging process and they need to be addressed so that seniors have better lives and their specific needs are addressed. There …

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  • What is Mental Illness?

    Mental illness is a phrase that is used to cover a wide range and variety of mental disorders. All of these conditions will impact the behavior, thoughts, and/or moods of the individual. There are many different mental disorders, and each one can range from very …

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  • Facts About Dissociative Disorders

    People who suffer from dissociative disorders have usually experienced some type of extreme trauma which has shocked the brain, causing the individual to involuntarily escape from reality and creating a form of mental illness as a result . This is the mind’s way of protecting …

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  • Are Eating Disorders a Form of Mental Illness?

    Eating disorders are conditions which are serious, and they are a form of mental illness. If you have one of these conditions then your food, weight, and body image prevent you from thinking of little else. There are three main types of eating disorders: binge …

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  • Mental Illness and Teen Substance Abuse

    Teen substance abuse is a big problem anywhere, and many teens who start drinking or using drugs will also suffer from mental illness. 20% of teens will be diagnosed with a form of mental illness before they turn 18 years old, and for many the …

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  • Dual Diagnosis: When Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Collide

    A dual diagnosis occurs whenever there is more than one condition or disorder that requires treatment, such as a case where mental illness and substance abuse are both occurring. If one condition is treated and not the other than it is not possible to achieve …

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  • 9 Mental Illness Facts and Statistics

    1. Mental illness is more common than many think, with roughly 25% of the adult population in America suffering from at least one of these conditions and disorders. 2. Approximately 20% of American children under the age of 18 years old is diagnosed with a …

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