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  • Christmas Shopping Can be Tough For Those With a Shopping Addiction

    The Christmas shopping that is expected of everyone during the holidays can be very tough for anyone who has a shopping addiction, even if the individual is in recovery. Compulsive shopping is a common problem. Many people who have this condition avoid shopping whenever possible …

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  • 5 Facts About Compulsive Shopping

    1. Compulsive shopping is an addiction that requires treatment, and the reason that the individual shops is tied to emotions and not any need for the material items which are purchased. Buying things gives the individual positive emotions to replace the negative feelings that they …

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  • How to Identify A Shopping Addiction

    Identifying a shopping addiction is not always easy, whether you are the person with the compulsive shopping problem or it is a friend or family member that you care about. There are some signs that can show a shopping addiction may be an issue though. …

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  • Do You Have a Shopping Addiction? What You Need to Know!

    A shopping addiction may seem like a funny joke but the truth is that many women and even men have problems with compulsive shopping, and the results are anything but humorous. A shopping addiction can ruin finances and even lives, and in some cases compulsive …

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