The Warning Signs of Teen Heroin Addiction

warning signs, teen heroin addiction

Knowing the warning signs of teen heroin addiction could help you save your child’s life by identifying the problem and seeking the help needed to address the problem and resolve it. The warning signs include emotional, physical, and social symptoms that may vary depending on the individual. Sometimes it can be hard to detect signs of teen heroin addiction because this is a time that can be marked by mood swings and changing hormone levels, varying sleep patterns, and changes in peer groups without any substance abuse. If you suspect that your teen has a problem with heroin or any other drug then an evaluation by a professional should be arranged to determine whether there is actually a problem or not, and to determine what treatment may be needed.

Some of the most common warning signs of teen heroin addiction can include:

  • Isolation from family, friends, and social activities. Heroin use may cause a teen to withdraw, spending little time at family activities and events.
  • Sudden or extreme changes in the attitude of the teen or their personal appearance can be a red flag.
  • A disregard for rules and laws. The teen may start breaking the rules at school, not following the usual rules at home, and rebelling against any type of authority including yours as the parent.
  • A decline in grades or academic performance at school. When heroin addiction starts school and other responsibilities may seem to be less important or take a lower priority to obtaining and using heroin.
  • Physical problems and complications often associated with heroin use. These can include nodding off, abscesses, organ damage, depressed respiration rate, and nausea or vomiting.

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