What are Concurrent Disorders and Why is Special Treatment Needed?

concurrent disorders

In Canada there are many cases of concurrent disorders, and these cases have special considerations and treatment needs. Concurrent disorders are two disorders that occur at the same time, and one of the biggest combinations seen by medical professionals in Canada and many other countries are mental illness and substance abuse. Sometimes it can be very difficult to determine which disorder started first. Is the substance abuse an attempt to self medicate the mental illness symptoms? Or are the mental illness symptoms the result of chronic substance abuse? The treating professional must determine which concurrent disorders are present, and which treatment methods will work for both conditions. It is important that an accurate diagnosis is made in order to ensure that best possible treatment methods are used.

Concurrent disorders can be a big problem if left untreated. The mental illness symptoms will not go away without proper treatment, and the substance abuse will continue in order to manage the mental illness. Therapy plays a big role in treating both of these disorders, and in some cases medications for a mental illness may be required as well. An environment that is as stress free as possible is also important. If you suspect that someone you know or care about has concurrent disorders then a special facility may be needed, so that each disorder is appropriately treated and the concurrent disorders are managed together. Some substance abuse treatment facilities specialize in concurrent disorders, with trained medical professionals who understand both issues involved and who can create an ideal treatment plan customized for each specific case.

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