What are Magic Mushrooms?

magic mushrooms, psilocybin

Magic mushrooms are a type of fungus that causes the individual to hallucinate or trip. These mushrooms contain psilocybin, a substance that changes sensory perception. Many ancient civilizations and populations used this type of mushroom in spiritual and religious ceremonies in the past. There are more than 180 types of mushrooms which contain psilocybin, and some versions have more of this substance than others. Today magic mushrooms are illegal in most areas, and they can have serious or even deadly side effects when used for recreational purposes. There are some scientific studies which are examining the use of these mushroom species as a treatment for certain mental disorders such as depression, but the results have not been determined yet.

Using magic mushrooms can be extremely risky. These fungi are not manufactured, they grow naturally in moist and dark environments. There is no way to regulate the amount of psilocybin that is consumed when magic mushrooms are taken, and some strains are much more powerful than others. It is possible for a user to experience a bad trip, which quickly turns the supposed fun into a bad nightmare that the user feels trapped in, and the hallucinations can cause the user to engage in risky or even deadly activities and behavior. Many believe that magic mushrooms are not addictive, but the user can become psychologically dependent on the surreal sensations and hallucinations over time. Some people compare the trip caused by magic mushrooms as being comparable to using LSD, and both drugs affect the mood and behavior of the user.



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