What Causes Eating Disorders? Can These Mental Disorders be Cured?

what causes eating disordersEating disorders can be very dangerous mental disorders, and these conditions have caused many deaths. What causes them though, and can they be cured? There is no single factor that can be pointed to as a root cause for developing an eating disorder, but there are several known contributing factors that could come into play in each case. There are biological, psychological, social, and interpersonal factors that can contribute to the development of these mental disorders but each individual is different and unique. The causes and contributing factors in each case may be completely different. Currently there are no cures for any of the common eating disorders but there are treatment programs that can help the individual learn to control their disorder and prevent the behavior and activities from continuing.

Just because there are contributing factors for eating disorders this does not mean that the individual will develop one of these mental disorders, but it is very possible and this should be monitored. Some people who have one of the conditions that fall in this category have been found to have unbalanced chemistry in their brain with chemicals that are used to regulate hunger, digestion, and appetite. According to research eating disorders can have a significant genetic component and these conditions often run in families. Low self esteem, lack of control, stress, feelings of inadequacy, and negative emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, and being lonely can also contribute to the development of eating disorders. Teens and young adults often have the highest risk of developing these conditions.

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