What is an Opiate Addiction and How Does it Start?


opiate addiction, prescription medication abuseWhat is an opiate addiction and how does this problem start? Opiate addiction usually starts as opiate dependence, and it can occur because opiate pain medications are taken for a legitimate reason or because this type of prescription drug is purchased off the street and used. Sometimes an injury or accident may cause you to require opiate pain medications for a time, and if these drugs are taken long enough you could end up with an opiate addiction or dependence. Opiate drugs can be very addictive, especially the stronger pain medications including those with higher doses. Sometimes individuals may switch between heroin and opiate medications, depending on what they have available. Opiate addiction starts just like any other addiction, the drug must be used.

How long does an opiate addiction take to develop? The answer is never the same with every person. Some people will get hooked very quickly, others will take longer to become dependent and then addicted. Anyone who requires pain medications that involve opiates should make sure that they are very careful while taking these drugs, over time an addiction to the opiates can occur even if the drugs are used as prescribed for a legitimate medical problem. Many medical professionals are using more caution before writing out a prescription for strong opiate narcotics, often using medicine without an opiate component or recommending a number of other methods rather than prescribing prescription opiates like Oxycontin, morphine, and other narcotics that can lead to physical and psychological dependence or even an opiate addiction.

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