What is Anorexia Nervosa and What Eating Disorder Treatments are Available for This Condition?

Anorexia NervosaAnorexia nervosa is a serious problem that requires eating disorder treatment, but what is this condition, what causes it, and how is it treated? Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder but the causes of this condition do not really have to do with food. Eating disorder treatment addresses the fact that this problem is not really about weight or food, the issues go much deeper. Someone who has anorexia nervosa finds that this disorder fills a void or meets a need in the life of the individual. This disorder offers the person a way to control things or achieve success in some small way by using food and weight factors. A distorted body image is one issue that people with this disorder have, and there are many other psychological problems that also may need to be dealt with by getting eating disorder treatment.

Eating disorder treatment is needed if you suffer from anorexia nervosa. Some very well known people have died from this eating disorder, and one of the first was singer Karen Carpenter several decades ago. Today anorexia nervosa affects many people, and men can have this eating disorder too. Eating disorder treatment should involve in depth counseling numerous times per week, and if the anorexia nervosa is severe and the individual who needs eating disorder treatment is malnourished or severely underweight then inpatient hospitalization may become necessary. Anorexia nervosa can be difficult to treat because the issues that cause the eating disorder can be unique for each individual. The root causes of the anorexia nervosa must be uncovered and addressed so that the individual changes the way they view their body and food.


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