What is Antisocial Personality Disorder? Does This Mental Illness Make Someone a Psychopath?

antisocial personality disorder, mental illnessAntisocial personality disorder is a form of mental illness in the cluster B category of personality disorders, and it is in the same group as borderline PD, narcissistic PD, and histrionic PD. Someone with antisocial personality disorder is not necessarily a psychopath, although some who fit this description do fall under this mental illness category. This mental disorder is usually seen more frequently in men although women are not immune, they just tend to have this disorder less frequently than their male counterparts. Someone who has antisocial PD does not care about the feelings and emotions of others, instead they are callous and uncaring. Someone who has been diagnosed with this type of personality disorder does not feel that social obligation and the normal rules apply to them.

An individual with antisocial personality disorder may not appear to be suffering from mental illness to many people. While these people tend to be irritable and to display more aggression than most they can be nice or charming if it suits their end purpose. Antisocial personality disorder causes the sufferer to lack the guilt that people usually feel in certain situations and circumstances, and they often act impulsively and do not learn from their past experiences. When someone with antisocial personality disorder has a relationship it is typically one with a short duration, and it is often very turbulent and disruptive. Those with this mental illness frequently have a criminal record, and many of these individuals spend their lives in and out of jails and prisons because they can not conform to the rules of a civilized society.

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