What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

mental illness, narcissistic personality disorderWhat is narcissistic personality disorder and what are the signs that someone has this form of mental illness? This personality disorder was originally named after Narcissus, who was so lovely to look at that he fell into a pool of water and drowned because he fell in love with the reflection that he cast on the surface of the water. Narcissistic personality disorder involves an individual who has a great need for others to admire them, and they have a sense of being self important on a grandiose scale. These people also have a sense of entitlement and usually feel that they are superior to others and are entitled to anything that they want. Narcissistic PD can include fits of great anger and rage when the individual feels like something is not going their way or if they feel the least bit slighted.

Narcissistic personality disorder may be seen as harmless but this is a mistake. Someone who suffers from this form of mental illness usually envies others, and the individual feels like other people envy them on a constant basis. These people lack a sense of empathy and compassion for others and they are usually more than willing to lie, cheat, and manipulate to reach the desired end goals. If someone with narcissistic personality disorder feels slighted this can result in the individual seeking revenge or going into a destructive rage. This type of mental illness requires treatment, but some of the treatments that are available today are not always effective with narcissistic PD.

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