What is the Most Common Eating Disorder? Which is the Most Deadly?

binge eating disorder, most common eating disorder

What is the most common eating disorder? This is a common question, and the answer may surprise many people. Binge Eating Disorder is the one that is seen most frequently, and this illness can create many medical problems if you have it. When you are a binge eater then you may go back and forth between binge eating, or you may just have episodes of eating compulsively without any dieting in between. When you binge you may eat entire desserts or other foods that are very high in fats and calories, and this can lead to a large weight gain in a short period of time. Statistics show that 1 in 35 people suffer from binge eating disorder, and many of these individuals struggle to find treatment that makes a difference in their lives.

If binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder is it also the most deadly? No. Anorexia Nervosa is considered to be the deadliest eating disorder out of the spectrum. Because these individuals tend to starve themselves to the point where they are dangerously thin they often suffer from serious medical risks. A number of celebrities have died from this disorder, including Karen Carpenter. In spite of being way too thin someone who has anorexia will still see themselves as overweight. A lack of proper nutrition can break down the body tissues and internal organs, and help impair the immune system. Anorexia can lead to heart failure, heart attacks, strokes, starvation, kidney failure, liver failure, and many other dangerous and deadly medical conditions.

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