What Should You Bring if You are Going to Rehab?

what to bring to rehabIf you are going to rehab then you probably need to know what you need to bring with you. Packing for rehab is not difficult but it does require some common sense. A variety of clothing that is appropriate for the geographic location and season is the first thing to include when you start packing for rehab. One important thing to remember when going to rehab is that most programs require that everything you bring except for apparel must be in a sealed container that has never been opened. This means an unopened bottle of mouthwash, a sealed package of cigarettes if you are a smoker and these are allowed, and other items that are impossible to tamper with unless the seal is broken.

Going to rehab can be different for each person. Some high end rehab programs only allow clothing, the program will supply everything else that is needed during your stay. Other programs make packing for rehab much more difficult because you must bring everything necessary for your entire stay. If you are going to rehab and you are not sure what to pack or what you should bring then contact the program or visit the website if they have one. This will help you determine what you will need when you start packing for rehab and make sure that you do not try to bring any prohibited items into the facility. The rules on bringing in items are in place for a reason and they must be followed closely.

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