What to Bring to Rehabilitation

Items to bring along with you to addiction treatment at Valiant Recovery include:

what to bring, rehab

  • Most importantly, bring with you an attitude of willingness, an open mind and the desire to recuperate.
  • Casual clothing. You will only need one week’s worth of apparel as you will have access to on-site laundry facilities. Bring new, soft indoor footwear to wear on the marble flooring. During the cold months, the average temperature in Kelowna is 33-degrees Fahrenheit, and at the peak of summer, temperatures may reach as high as 100-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Athletic shoes and workout clothing. Everyone is required to wear athletic shoes during a workout session.
  • Beach towel and swimming suit. Pool and beach visits are frequent. You may also want to take advantage of our year-round onsite spa. At least two swimming suits are suggested. No Speedos for males. Tankini style or one piece for ladies; no bikinis or thongs.
  • If you will be staying with us during winter, you will have access to the ski slopes monthly. Please bring warm clothing (ski goggles, ski pants, jacket, toques, mitts). Please inform us if you do not have these items and we will acquire them in your size.
  • Cosmetics and individual hygiene products you will want to use, except for items with alcohol and items in aerosol spray cans.
  • Medications (both prescription and non-prescription) will be stored in a zip lock bag in a staff safe, and should retain their original containers and instruction labels from the prescribing physician.
  • Stationery, stamps and writing supplies.
  • Personal products that will make you feel more comfortable, such as pictures, favorite pillows, etc.

DO NOT bring the following items to addiction treatment:

  • Laptops, computer systems or any device that connects to the web (we provide on site computer access). Special provisions may be made for clients needing to work during treatment.
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Provocative clothing
  • Mobile phones will be confiscated upon your arrival. They will be returned upon discharge.
  • Items of great value, or items that cannot be replaced.
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