What Type of Drinker are You? One of These 5 Drinking Categories Will Apply!

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What type of drinker are you? Anyone who drinks alcohol at all will fall into one of 5 main categories. These are:

  • Occasional Social Drinker- This type of drinker will have an occasional drink every great once in a while, normally at a social occasion or during a special holiday or other event. This is one of the lowest risk drinking categories and alcohol abuse is not generally an issue.
  • Light Drinker- If you are a light drinker then you may have a single drink two to four times a week. This drinking category does not include drinking every day, but you will drink several times a week. This is also one of the lower risk drinking categories.
  • Moderate Drinker- If you fall into the category of a moderate type of drinker then you will typically consume a single drink each day, but no more than this. This is one of the drinking categories that has a higher risk of abuse and dependence.
  • Heavy Drinker- As a heavy drinker you will either drink more than one serving each day or drink several times per week and have numerous drinks on each occasion. If you fit into this category then you are at risk of alcohol abuse and addiction and help is needed.
  • Binge Drinker- This type of drinker may not imbibe every single day, but when you do drink you do so to excess. If you have 4-5 drinks or more when you consume alcohol then you are a binge drinker and you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

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