Why is a Permanent Recovery From Drug Abuse so Difficult for Many People?


permanent recoveryA permanent recovery from drug abuse can be very difficult for most people, and often relapse is part of the recovery process. Few people recover completely without relapsing at least once, and one reason for this is the nature of drug addiction. When drugs are used on a chronic basis they alter the way that the brain thinks and the decisions that are made by this organ. Drug abuse leads to poor decision making so it is no surprise that someone who is seeking a permanent recovery may have lapses in judgment and fall off the treatment bandwagon from time to time. Another issue is that everyone abuses drugs and alcohol for their own reasons, so there is no common cause that can be addressed and each person will have different and specific contributing factors and past histories that may be contributing to the problem.

A permanent recovery from drug abuse is possible with the right treatment methods and support systems, and there have been people who have gone into an effective treatment program and who did not relapse during their recovery. Others have tried several programs and facilities yet they continue to relapse and start up old habits again. The key to a highly effective substance abuse treatment program is individual counseling and one on one therapy. This allows the unique causes and contributing factors that an individual has to be addressed and resolved. Often there may be hidden wounds or invisible psychic trauma that needs to be opened up so that healing can finally begin. Until this happens the emotional wounds will keep festering and devastating the life of the individual.

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