10 Ways to Relieve Stress Without Drugs or Alcohol

relieve stress, relieve stress without drugs or alcohol

1. Listen to music. Music has the ability to improve your mood and release stress, and this can be a great way to take your mind off of stressful things so that you can relax.

2. Go for a walk. Taking a walk will elevate your heart rate and mood, and cause your brain to release endorphins which are natural feel good chemicals in the brain.

3. Exercise for 10-30 minutes. Strenuous exercise will cause a big increase in the endorphins that your brain produces, relieve stress, and keep you healthier. Do some jumping jacks, run in place, or go for a jog around the block.

4. Relax with a hot bath. A hot bath relaxes your muscles and relieves pent up tension, and using scented bath products can boost the effects that you get.

5. Practice Yoga. Yoga has been proven to reduce stress, and it has many other health benefits as well.

6. Meditate. Meditation can help you clear your mind of troubling thoughts and relax your body, eliminating stress quickly and effectively for most people.

7. Go to a happy place in your mind. Close your eyes and picture a place that you enjoy, whether this is a beach or a family dinner.

8. Enjoy a cup of hot tea. Tea has antioxidant properties, the heat will soothe and relax you, and you can relax for a few minutes while you drink this pick me up beverage.

9. Get a massage. A massage can loosen tight muscles and help to push stress out of your body, and you will be extremely relaxed afterward.

10. Use scented candles. Scented candles places throughout the room can help you relieve stress because they are very soothing, and the scent provokes positive thoughts instead of negative ones.


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