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  • Luxury Rehab or Community Substance Abuse Treatment Program?

    If you need treatment for drug abuse or alcohol addiction then you are probably trying to decide between a luxury rehab and a community substance abuse treatment program. This comparison involves many different considerations that need to be evaluated. These considerations include: Price- The cost …

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  • What are the True Costs of Drug Abuse in North America?

    The true costs of drug abuse in North America are very hard to identify. These costs need to include the medical expenses, legal costs, lost productivity, missed school days, and the actual price of the drugs that were purchased. Substance abuse can be a very …

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  • What are Magic Mushrooms?

    Magic mushrooms are a type of fungus that causes the individual to hallucinate or trip. These mushrooms contain psilocybin, a substance that changes sensory perception. Many ancient civilizations and populations used this type of mushroom in spiritual and religious ceremonies in the past. There are …

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  • Heroin Use in Canada is Rising

    Heroin use in Canada is on the rise, with law enforcement officials finding more of the drug each week and medical professionals seeing higher cases of overdoses and medical conditions caused by long term heroin abuse. This trend is also being seen in the United …

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  • 9 Fascinating Marijuana Facts

    1. One of the interesting marijuana facts is that more than 22 million people around the globe use marijuana on a daily basis. 2. 162 million adult individuals in the world have used marijuana at least once in the last year, and many of these …

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  • What is Equine Therapy and How Does it Work?

    Equine therapy is one form of substance abuse treatment that may not be offered by many rehabs, but this therapy can be highly effective during addiction recovery. Many people who have substance abuse issues also have a wide range of trust issues as well. These …

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  • Is Marijuana Really a Gateway Drug?

    Marijuana is often referred to as a gateway drug, but is this actually true? There are opposing views on this subject, with studies that show teens and young adults often use marijuana before they turn to harder illicit drugs but that also show that alcohol …

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  • Important Cocaine Addiction Treatment Considerations

    Cocaine addiction treatment is crucial if you or someone you care about has a cocaine abuse problem, and there are some important considerations to think about. An addiction to cocaine is serious, and the abuse causes psychological issues more than a physical addiction. Cocaine addiction …

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  • Cocaine Abuse Signs to Watch For

    Cocaine abuse signs are not always highly visible or readily apparent, but when you understand the symptoms to watch for then detecting cocaine addiction in loved ones is easier to do. Cocaine is an illegal drug that can be deadly so recognizing the cocaine abuse …

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  • Alcohol Addiction and Medical Detox

    Alcohol addiction can become very severe, and if you have been drinking for an extended time, drinking daily, and drinking significant amounts of alcohol then medical detox may be necessary. Alcohol addiction can include a physical dependence on this substance, and if you suddenly stop …

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