4 Relapse Prevention Tips After Substance Abuse Treatment

relapse prevention tips

1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night after finishing substance abuse treatment. When you are tired you are more vulnerable to negative emotions and patterns, and these can lead to a relapse because you are not getting enough sleep. Staying well rested will help prevent you from going backwards and give you the energy needed to get through each day.

2. Take up a hobby. Sometimes relapse prevention means occupying your mind and your hands, and a hobby can help you achieve this. When you start to feel weak or you feel like a relapse is close then a hobby can keep you busy and prevent you from going back to your old habits and ways. Figure out what you enjoy and then start a hobby that involves these things.

3. After you finish your substance abuse treatment support is critical. You should have an extensive network of support people and resources that you can call on any time day or night when you need some help getting through the toughest times. Your support network can include family, friends, and even professionals and substance abuse organizations.

4. If your goal is relapse prevention then make sure you include physical activity each day, whether this is a gym workout or just a walk around the block. When you are physically active you will be healthier and feel better, avoiding some of the most common reasons why relapse occurs. Regular exercise will also help you sleep well at night, which leads back to tip #1.

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