4 Signs of Teen Substance Abuse to Watch For

teen drinking, teen drug abuse, teen substance abuseTeen substance abuse is a big concern for parents, school officials, medical personnel, and law enforcement. There are some signs to watch for that can indicate teen drinking and teen drug abuse, and if any of these signs are noticed then it is important to take action and address your concerns right away.

4 common signs of teen substance abuse include:

1. Changes in School Performance- Teen substance abuse is often characterized by changes in school performance and attendance. The teen may start to have falling grades, attendance may become irregular, and concentration and learning when the teen does show up for school may be noticeably less.

2. Changes in Friends and Peers- Teen drinking and teen drug abuse will usually cause a change in friends and peer groups. The teen will start to develop new relationships based on their substance abuse, and old peers who do not share the same habits will become less visible.

3. Financial Need- Teen substance abuse may become evident because your teen always needs money. Drugs and alcohol can be very expensive, especially when used on a regular basis, and few teens can afford this without needing financial help.

4. A Loss of Interest in Activities Previously Enjoyed- A big warning sign of teen drinking or teen drug abuse is a loss of interest in activities and hobbies that the teen used to enjoy. Drinking and doing drugs takes a lot of time, so there is less time left for old hobbies and activities.



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