5 Common Myths and the True Facts About Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

1. Myth: Gambling addiction is not a problem as long as you do not gamble on a daily basis.

Fact: You may need treatment for a gambling addiction even if you are not gambling every day. What classifies a gambling addiction is the fact that someone continues with this activity even when it causes problems in their life or their relationships.

2. Myth: You only have a gambling addiction if you spend more than you can afford to lose.

Fact: A gambling addiction is a problem even if you are wealthy and you can afford the losses that you have. When this type of addiction is present it creates issues that have a negative impact on your life, whether you gamble once a month or you can afford to spend the money that you use.

3. Myth: Treatment for gambling addiction will not work unless the gambler wants help.

Fact: Someone who has a gambling addiction will usually benefit from treatment even if they are resistant to help initially.

4. Myth: If someone has a gambling addiction you should bail them out.

Fact: Until someone receives treatment for gambling addiction bailing them out is only enabling them to continue along the same destructive path. The gambler must face the consequences of their actions before they can start to recover.

5. Myth: If you have a partner who needs treatment for gambling addiction then you should make things easy so they do not have any stress.

Fact: The spouse or partner of someone with a gambling addiction is not responsible for this behavior.


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