5 Great Tips for Anyone With an Internet Addiction

internet addiction1. There are a number of tips for recovery if you have an Internet addiction. One is to think about how much time you actually spend online, and then make a list of the things in life that you are missing out on because of the time spent online. Pick something from this list and go do it instead of sitting in front of the computer.

2. Remember that the Internet is a tool, and focus on the reason that you are online. Develop a strategy before you even start surfing to make sure that you reach the goals set and do not waste a lot of time. This can help minimize the impact that Internet addiction has on you.

3. Tips for recovery from Internet addiction include setting specific time limits and restrictions on the Internet use and then following them. You may want to restrict the types of websites that you visit. If you have an online sex or gambling addiction then make these websites off limits.

4. Change up your routines and online patterns if you are trying to recover from Internet addiction. If you find that you use the Internet more in the morning then find something else to fill these hours, and only use it for a few minutes in the evenings instead.

5. Internet addiction tips for recovery place a focus on the offline world. Believe it or not there are still many people who do not have the Internet, and there is an entire offline world waiting to be enjoyed.

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