5 More Health Conditions Caused by Alcohol Abuse

Health Conditions Caused by Alcohol Abuse1. Cardiovascular Disease- When it comes to health conditions that are caused by alcohol abuse one of the top ones mentioned is cardiovascular disease. When you drink heavily the platelets in your blood tend to stick or clump together, and this forms clots in your circulatory and cardiovascular systems. Clots can cause heart attacks, strokes, and other complications which can be fatal in some cases.

2. Dementia- Many people do not think of dementia as one of the medical conditions caused by alcohol abuse but it is. As you get older you will usually have shrinking in your brain, and this occurs at a little under 2% for every decade that you have lived. Heavy alcohol abuse will speed up this process and increase the amount of shrinkage and cellular death that occurs.

3. High Blood Pressure- When you engage in heavy alcohol abuse then high blood pressure is a real risk. This substance interferes with the ability of your circulatory system to properly regulate blood flow and normal pressure in your veins. Alcohol abuse prevents normal constriction and dilation of the blood vessels.

4. Gout has been called one of the most painful medical conditions, and it can be caused by chronic alcohol abuse although there are other factors like heredity and diet that also play a role. Crystals of uric acid settle in your joint tissues, and alcohol use can make gout worse or even cause this condition.

5. Alcoholic Neuropathy- This is one of the medical conditions caused by alcohol abuse that sounds complicated, but in truth this is simply nerve damage caused by excessive drinking over an extended period.






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