5 Relapse Triggers to Watch For

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1. Being Exhausted- When you are overly tired then you are not properly taking care of yourself and this can be one of the common relapse triggers. For the best relapse prevention you must take care of yourself, and that means eating the right foods and getting enough sleep at night.

2. Depression- This is also one of the most common relapse triggers. When you become depressed then everything seems bleak and gray, and you may find yourself tempted to use again in order to lessen your depression but this is not effective. If you start to become depressed discuss this with your physician or support person and find another way to deal with this emotional state.

3. Self Pity- Relapse prevention may be a problem when you are feeling sorry for yourself, and self pity does not help your situation at all. If you feel like a victim or like you are not responsible for what you make in your life then a relapse is far more likely.

4. Overconfidence- Overconfidence is one of the relapse triggers, and it is important to have confidence but when you are overconfident then you are cocky. This leads to the feeling that you have your addiction beat and you can handle being in old situations or around old friends without giving in.

5. Being Dishonest- When you lie, even if you tell small lies, this interferes with relapse prevention efforts. You start out with little lies that may not be necessary and before you know it you end up lying to yourself. Dishonesty is one of the big relapse triggers to watch for.



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