5 Sex Addiction Characteristics You Need to Know

Sex Addiction Characteristics

A sex addiction is not funny and it should not be the basis for jokes, because many people suffer from this problem and need sex addiction counseling. 6 common signs of sex addiction that indicate you should seek sex addiction counseling right away include:

1. Sex addiction involves a preoccupation with sexual thoughts and behaviors. You may have thoughts or fantasies about sex acts and scenarios, even when you try not to. These thoughts and fantasies can occur at work, at home, and in a variety of other places as well.

2. A pattern of increasing sexual activity. Just like substance abuse causes a tolerance and the user must take more of the drug sex addiction causes the individual to escalate the sexual behavior patterns involved because they become jaded and require more stimulation to get the same exact effect.

3. Withdrawing or putting distance between yourself and someone that you care about is another sign sex addiction counseling is needed. Fantasy is not a good substitute for a healthy relationship that is real.

4. Mood swings that can become severe may be another sign of sex addiction. You may feel like you are losing control and you could experience difficulty controlling sexual excitement even in settings where this is not appropriate. Depression may set in as you struggle if you do not get professional sex addiction counseling.

5. Many people who have a sex addiction have been abused in the past, and they may abuse others as a result. This is especially true if counseling is not received after the abuse comes to light.



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