5 Symptoms of Alcoholism to Watch For

symptoms of alcoholism

1. One of the most common symptoms of alcoholism is hiding when or how much you drink from the rest of the world. If you frequently drink when you are alone or you find yourself being deceptive or defensive about how much alcohol you actually consume then you should be evaluated for substance abuse.

2. Alcohol abuse that results in blacking out, a period that can not be remembered the next day, is a sign that an evaluation for alcohol abuse or addiction should be sought. Blacking out is the result of excessive drinking, and it can cause you to do or say things that you do not remember when you sober up.

3. Physical withdrawal symptoms when alcohol consumption is stopped is another sign that professional help and treatment for substance abuse is probably necessary. The physical issues experienced can include nausea, excessive sweating, shakiness and tremors, and possibly paleness or an appearance of being generally unwell. In severe cases seizures may occur when detox is started.

4. One of the typical symptoms of alcoholism is keeping alcohol hidden in unusual places around the home, office, or vehicle. These stashes ensure that alcohol will always be available, and it signifies a problem that needs to be addressed.

5. Over time alcohol abuse will become worse, and it is a chronic problem. If you start to feel irritated when your daily drink time comes around and there is no alcohol, or if you drink intentionally in order to reach a drunken state, then you may be an alcoholic and should be evaluated for substance abuse issues.

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