5 Tips for Teen Substance Abuse Prevention

teen substance abuse prevention1.Teach your teens that it is okay to say no, and that peers who will try and pressure your child are not truly their friends. This teen substance abuse prevention tip will go a long way to raising teens who are healthy and substance abuse free. If you do not talk to your teen about this they may give in to peer pressure.

2. If you want to discourage teen drinking then set strict rules, and make these rules and any consequences for breaking them very clear from the start. When teenagers realize that there are severe consequences they are more likely to stand firm against peer pressure and avoid alcohol and drugs.

3. Keep communication open with your kids at every age. During the teen years it may seem like you are no longer important and your child is trying to draw away, but they are listening even if you do not see it. Don’t make the mistake of communicating during the early years and then stopping the conversation once they get older.

4. If the goal is teen substance abuse prevention then offer alternatives to drugs and alcohol. Sports, other extracurricular activities, and additional activities can help your child gain self esteem, which is vital to resisting peer pressure during adolescents.

5. You do not have to be a substance abuse professional to prevent teen drinking, just be there for your child and let them know you are always available if they need something, even if it is only to talk.


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