5 Types of Internet Addiction

types of internet addiction1. Cybersex Addiction- This type of Internet addiction involves online porn, adult websites. Sexual fantasy chat rooms, web cams with XXX ratings, and other sexual related activities online. When these activities interfere with real world sexual or romantic relationships or they are used excessively then this becomes a problem and treatment is usually needed.

2. Computer Addiction- If you have a computer addiction then online addiction help is not needed but treatment for compulsive behavior is. When you use the computer excessively for offline activities that may include games then you could suffer from a type of obsession compulsion or other disorder that needs to be accurately diagnosed and resolved.

3. Addiction to Cyber Relationships- With this type of Internet addiction the relationships formed online may not be sexual in nature but they can still be destructive and have negative consequences on your life. You may reach a point where your online social connections are more important than the real ties with friends and family in the actual world.

4. Informational Addiction- This type of addiction means that you do need online addiction help. You may find yourself surfing the web and looking up information constantly, and this can cause informational overload.

5. Online Compulsions- These are Internet addiction issues that are compulsive in nature. Online ambling that is a problem, trading stocks, or even buying things from websites and auction sites like eBay can point to online compulsions that need to be addressed. Many people find that compulsive shopping is a big issue and it may be hard to resist the impulse to make a purchase or place a bet.

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