5 Ways to Avoid Alcohol Abuse During the Christmas Holidays

christmas holidays1. If you are worried about alcohol abuse remember that it is okay to say no if someone offers you an alcoholic beverage. You should not feel like you need to make an excuse for why you are not drinking, but if you must give a reason simply state that you have to be up early the next day.

2. If someone pressures you to drink during the Christmas holidays it is perfectly acceptable to make your polite goodbyes and leave a party or other type of event. People who really care about you will never try to make you drink, and they will do everything possible to prevent you from relapsing.

3. If you have had a previous problem with alcohol abuse then make sure you keep a list of support people and organizations handy at all times. When you feel your resolve weaken or you are having a rough day talk to someone or attend a meeting instead of reaching for a drink.

4. Avoid events for the Christmas holidays where alcohol will be served, hold your own parties instead. There are many mock cocktails which look and taste delicious that have no alcohol in them, and these can be great beverage choices.

5. Make sure that you make healthy lifestyle choices. Get plenty of sleep each night, eat healthy foods and make nutritious choices, and get plenty of exercise. Fit in some stress relief techniques as well because the holidays can be extremely stressful for most people.

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