A Strong Support System is a Critical Element of Success When it Comes to Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery

A strong support system is very important when it comes to substance abuse treatment and recovery that ends with success. Support is a critical element in relapse prevention, and those who have a wide range of support people and services will usually gain a more permanent recovery and have fewer relapse risks. If you are undergoing substance abuse treatment or you are in recovery there will be bad moments and terrible days, when cravings are strong, and having support can help you avoid giving in to your old temptations and allow you to stay in recovery without relapsing. Some possible sources of support can include:

  • Friends
  • Family members
  • Support groups for substance abusers
  • Support groups for families and friends of substance abusers
  • Support hotlines
  • Substance abuse treatment counselors

If you do not develop a strong support system while you go through substance abuse treatment and recovery then you may be setting yourself up to fail. We all have weak moments, and sometimes the difference between a relapse and staying on the path to success can be a simple phone call away. Your support group will help you stay strong even after you finish substance abuse treatment, and they will keep you on the path to a full and permanent recovery. Without these critical resources you may feel isolated and alone, with no one to discuss your emotions and weakest moments with. This will increase your relapse risk significantly and often requires additional rounds of substance abuse treatment when you slide backwards and give in to temptation.


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