Are Kids Being Diagnosed With ADHD Too Quickly? Can This Lead to Substance Abuse?

ADHD, stimulant abuse, substance abuseIn the USA the rate of ADHD diagnosis among kids is high and it keeps going up. This has led many to question whether this diagnosis is being given before all of the facts are in, and whether stimulant treatment actually causes substance abuse. In the modern world where everything is rushed it is no wonder that some kids suffer from attention deficit. A 30 minute TV program may include 20 different commercials, schools have taken physical education and recess out of the equation for most grades, and kids are expected to be miniature adults. There may be some medical professionals who are too quick to label a child as ADHD and prescribe stimulants in order to get results, but is this really the best method? Stimulant drugs can cause future substance abuse issues in many cases, and there are drug free alternatives if a child really does suffer from ADHD.

Stimulant abuse can have many consequences, some of which are devastating. Younger children who take these strong medications can end up addicted even if they are not abusing the medication. Older youth and adolescents may start substance abuse with their own medication, taking the ADHD drug in order to stay awake for extended periods and gain more energy. Before your child is diagnosed and treated for ADHD with stimulant medications make sure that everything possible has been done to help your child without drugs and stimulant medications. Prescription stimulant use can greatly increase the risk that the child may have substance abuse issues later on.


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