Are You an Alcoholic? These 5 Questions Can Help Determine the Answer!


If you ever wonder whether you are an alcoholic or if you suffer from problem drinking issues then the following questions can help you determine whether you should consult a professional about your drinking habits and alcohol consumption.

1. Do you drink every single day or just on social occasions? Do you ever drink alone? Drinking daily or frequently drinking when you are by yourself can indicate a problem with alcohol abuse.

2. Have any of your relatives been diagnosed as being an alcoholic? Alcoholism is a chronic disease, and there is a genetic component suspected with this condition. If you have one or more family members who have been diagnosed with the disease then you may be more likely to become an alcoholic as well if you are not cautious.

3. Have you started to develop problem drinking behaviors and issues? This is one of the steps involved in the process of becoming addicted to alcohol.

4. Do you keep alcohol hidden in unusual places, so that you always have access to this substance? People who are addicted to alcohol can get very creative about where they hide a stash of booze, especially when family members are trying to eliminate alcohol use by the individual.

5. Do you need more alcohol to feel the same effects, or experience physical symptoms of withdrawal if you go too long without a drink? Both of these are signs that professional help is needed because a physical tolerance and dependence on the alcohol has already started.

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