Are You At Risk for Substance Abuse? Answer These Questions to Find Out!

substance abuse quiz

Are you at risk for substance abuse? There are some questions that can help you determine whether drug or alcohol abuse may be a problem, and these questions include:

  • Do you have poor social coping skills and difficulty in social situations? This can lead to the use of substances to try and help you cope.
  • Is your school or work performance or attendance less than great? Substance abuse has a way of causing problems with performance and attendance, because it is hard to do well and show up on a regular basis when you are either recovering from drug or alcohol abuse or you are more concerned with finding the substances that you abuse.
  • Do you have a chaotic home environment? Statistics and research show that people whose home life is chaotic are more likely to engage in substance abuse because of this factor.
  • Were you abused as a child? Children who are abused may turn to drug or alcohol abuse as a way of dealing with the pain caused by abuse.
  • Did one of your parents or another close family member struggle with substance abuse? There is a genetic link to the abuse of drugs and alcohol, and if you have a close relative who is addicted then this means you have a higher risk of ending up this way as well.
  • Did you experience the lack of parental attachment or sufficient nurturing as a child? This fctor will also increase the likelihood that you will experience problems with substance abuse at some point in your life.

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