Binge Eating: What it is and How it Can be Treated

binge eating, eating disorderBinge eating is one of the common eating disorders, and it can cause serious medical and health problems if treatment is not received. Bulimia nervosa includes components of binge eating, but with bulimia the person will induce vomiting, use laxatives, and exercise excessively in order to offset the calories consumed during a binge episode. Binge eating often leads to a weight gain, and obesity can be a real risk because of the high amounts of calories, sugars, and fats that are consumed. If you have a problem with binge eating your symptoms may be different from other eating disorders, and the cause of your condition may be different from others who have this problem. Binge eating does not lead to self starvation the way anorexia does, but there are medical concerns because of the unhealthy diet that is followed.

Each eating disorder will have certain signs and symptoms. Symptoms of binge eating can include:

  • Eating at a rapid pace without taking time to enjoy the food
  • Eating so much that you feel pain or you are uncomfortable as a result
  • Eating more than usual when you are upset or angry
  • Feeling guilty after binge eating
  • Eating when you are alone or lonely
  • Using food for emotional comfort
  • Being disgusted at the amount of food that you have consumed in one sitting

If you or someone you love has a binge eating disorder then treatment is needed. Therapy should include both group and individual sessions, and you mus be willing to uncover deep traumas in order to get better. Until this happens you will only continue to get worse and you can not recover completely.



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