Calculating Your Substance Abuse Risks: 5 Things to Think About!

1. Family History- Substance abuse risks can be genetic, and people whose parents or other family members have high rates of substance abuse are also high substance abuse risks themselves. There is a genetic component with drug and alcohol abuse that has been scientifically proven, so if you have family members who drink or use drugs you are also more likely to engage in these behaviors.

2. Previous Substance Abuse- Past drug and alcohol abuse can cause you to face higher substance abuse risks than an individual who has never engaged in these activities. Over time substance abuse can turn into addiction.

3. Social Settings- There are some social settings and events that can increase your risks for drug and alcohol abuse, especially if you already have other factors that raise your substance abuse risks. If you are in recovery then it is critical that you stay away from places where you used to indulge, and locations that cause the cravings to start.

4. Peer Groups- The friends and peers that you have will play a role in your risk of substance abuse. If you have social circles where drug and alcohol abuse are common then you may feel peer pressure to go along and get high or drink excessively.

5. Past Experiences and Trauma- Hidden wounds and invisible trauma from your past can raise your substance abuse risks. Many people who have experienced physical, sexual, or even emotional abuse in the past turn to drug and alcohol abuse in order to dull the pain instead of working through these negative factors.


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