Can Sedatives and Sleeping Pills Cause Addiction?

can sedatives and sleeping pills cause addictionMany people understand the risks of addiction when it comes to opioid pain medications, but what about sedatives and sleeping pills? You may not realize that these types of drugs can also lead to addiction but they can. Sometimes an occasional sleeping pill is prescribed in order to help someone get to sleep but when these medications are used on a regular basis they can create further problems with sleep and even result in addiction at times. Sedatives may be prescribed to help you deal with anxiety or highly stressful situations, but sometimes a dependence can develop and this can cause addiction to set in. The dangers of addiction with sedatives and sleeping pills are not as commonly known as drugs like heroin and opiates but that does not make these dangers any less real.

It is advisable to avoid any use of sedatives and sleeping pills unless specifically advised by a physician in order to prevent an addiction from developing. These classes of drugs should only be taken under close medical supervision, and only in the amounts and schedules that have been set out by the doctor. Abusing sedatives or sleeping pills will usually lead to addiction. You may find that you have a hard time relaxing or falling asleep without these drugs if you have taken them in large amounts or for longer periods of time, and this can create a devastating cycle of addiction and abuse that can ruin your life. If you determine that you need help with addiction there is help available.

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