Canadians With Eating Disorders Face Considerable Treatment Difficulties

Canadians With Eating Disorders

Canadians with eating disorders face large obstacles when they finally decide to seek treatment, and in many areas of Canada these individuals may face waiting times of 2-3 years before they can receive treatment For many of these people this long wait time may not be a possibility, their eating disorder may cause serious physical harm or even death while they are waiting to get government funded treatment. A private treatment facility for eating disorders can be the answer, but the cost of this option can be expensive and many may not be able to afford private treatment for eating disorders on their own. The current wait time for treatment is unacceptable but effectively treating eating disorders can be costly and the limited funds are not enough to cover every Canadian who needs this type of treatment.

The bleak outlook for Canadians with eating disorders has led some to get creative in order to fund the help that they need and cover eating disorder treatment costs. One woman has started a fund raising drive to raise $60,000, and this amount is enough for her to receive the inpatient treatment that she needs for her eating disorder. The key to treatment for eating disorders is the ability to pay, unless the individual can wait months or longer and this is not always an option. Eating disorders can be fatal if they are not treated properly, and early intervention is critical. Without an increase in government resources Canadian with eating disorders will have to scramble to pay for treatment without financial assistance.

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