Co-occuring Disorders and Dual Diagnosis

Co-occuring disorders,  Dual Diagnosis, mental healthDual-Diagnosis and Co-Occurring disorders are terms that are generally used interchangeably. Both describe an ailment that involves individuals being influenced by chemical dependency (destructive addictions) as well as emotional or psychological illnesses simultaneously. Those who have Co-occurring disorders frequently face a variety of psychosocial issues, and often have


more than two addictions. Studies have proven that more than 50-percent of individuals who are impacted by addictive disorders are also influenced by at least one other emotional or mental problem. When these dual conditions happen concurrently, recovery is a lot more difficult.

Frequently, addiction treatment and mental health programs only treat one condition and neglect the other. This will make their treatment limited and less effective. At Valiant, we diagnose and treat all Co-occurring disorders together so we can provide our clients with the best chance of a permanent recovery.

Mental Ailments Connected With Addiction

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