Cocaine Abuse Signs to Watch For

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Cocaine abuse signs are not always highly visible or readily apparent, but when you understand the symptoms to watch for then detecting cocaine addiction in loved ones is easier to do. Cocaine is an illegal drug that can be deadly so recognizing the cocaine abuse signs is essential so that the proper substance abuse treatment can be received. Some of the most common signs of cocaine addiction or abuse include:

  • Relationship problems caused by cocaine use, such as arguments over drug use.
  • Financial difficulties because money is being diverted from the household in order to buy cocaine on the street.
  • No longer getting the same effect from the drug, so that more cocaine is needed in order to achieve the same high.
  • Irritability when the drug wears off and the user can no longer use cocaine because it is not available.
  • Strong cravings for the drug when the user has not consumed any cocaine.
  • Problems and issues at work or school that are caused by the cocaine use.
  • Constantly thinking about obtaining and using cocaine.
  • Difficulty in stopping the cocaine use when the user tries to stop.
  • A sense of euphoria caused by the drug.
  • Poor decision making caused by the effects of cocaine.
  • Frequently having the sniffles or a runny nose, caused by snorting the drug on a regular basis.
  • A surge of energy, restlessness, and an inability to sleep while on the drug.
  • When cocain abuse is present and the user is on the drug they may be very talkative, with a rapid speech pattern.


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