Do You Have a Shopping Addiction? What You Need to Know!

Shopping Addiction

A shopping addiction may seem like a funny joke but the truth is that many women and even men have problems with compulsive shopping, and the results are anything but humorous. A shopping addiction can ruin finances and even lives, and in some cases compulsive shopping could end up resulting in criminal charges or other legal problems. Someone who shops on a compulsive basis gets the same stimulation or emotional high that a substance abuser or compulsive gambler does. The pleasure center of the brain is stimulated by the shopping and it creates feel good emotions in the individual. This problem can destroy marriages and family relationships, alienate friends, and even cause you to lose everything you have worked so hard for.

There is a big difference between going to the mall with some friends to relax and maybe buy one or two things and compulsive shopping. If you have a shopping addiction you may buy things you don’s need, spend more than you should on items that you can live without, and even lie or hide purchases in order to keep how much you spend and how often you shop a secret from those who care about you. Everyone buys something on impulse once in a while, which is why stores put racks of products right next to the checkout. A shopping addiction goes much deeper, and the compulsive shopping happens when you are stressed or experiencing other negative emotional states. There is help available if you have a shopping addiction, and treatment may help you stop your compulsive shopping so you can get your life back on track.


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