Do You Have An Addictive Personality? Does That Mean You Will Struggle With Addiction?

addiction, addictive personality

What is an addictive personality? If you have one will you struggle with addiction? The term addictive personality refers to a number of personality traits that are often seen in individuals who suffer from addiction, but not everyone who has one or more of these personality traits will end up addicted to hard drugs or alcohol. Some of the most common traits that are associated with addictive personality include:

  • Behavior that is impulsive. You may suddenly decide to do something and then just do it on impulse, without thinking your actions through.
  • Difficulty in delaying gratification in any way. Many kids exhibit this trait but as they grow older they realize that sometimes you must wait for what you want, and they learn to wait for the good things.
  • Taking excessive risks. When you take excessive risks because you are looking for enhanced sensations then this may be an indication that you are willing to take risks where drugs or alcohol are concerned as well.
  • Feeling socially alienated. Individuals who do not have a strong social circle are more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol to eliminate any feelings of loneliness that they experience, and this can lead to addiction.
  • Heightened or excessive stress. When you are under a lot of stress you may decide to drink or use drugs in an attempt to relieve stress, even though this does not work. This is why high stress careers have a higher percentage of substance abuse, and why teens often experiment with drugs and alcohol.

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