Do You Know a Sociopath? Most People Do and Don’t Realize It!

mental health disorder, sociopath

One mental health disorder that it is important to recognize is a sociopath, because individuals with this disorder have the potential to do great harm to those who are unsuspecting. Almost everyone knows someone who is a sociopath, whether it is a close relationship like a family member or just a coworker at your place of employment. There are some things that you can do to protect yourself against these individuals, and they include:

  • Always keep your guard up, and never have unrealistic expectations. You will not change a sociopath, but if you believe this is possible then you will eventually end up feeling hurt or betrayed.
  • Understand from the beginning that the sociopath will not be capable of offering emotional support or advice on emotions, because this is something that the individual who has this mental health disorder can not relate to in any meaningful way.
  • Put an imaginary boundary between yourself and the individual, and do not let this boundary be crossed for any reason. Picture a physical barrier in your mind, and use it to stop any hurtful words or actions that the sociopath sends your way. Spend time each day mentally reinforcing the wall so that it stays strong.
  • Make the individual accountable. Never make excuses for the person, this just allows them to continue the destruction. When you are strong and direct then the sociopath will realize they they can not take advantage of you.

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