Doctors and Other Medical Professionals Who Need Rehab for Substance Abuse Face Many Obstacles

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Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who need rehab for substance abuse can face many obstacles in addition to those faced by most people. A career in the medical field requires years of training and education, and many may fear that an admission of substance abuse will cause all of this to be wasted. There is a fear that substance abuse by the medical professional may result in the loss of their career and waste all of this time and money. There is a stigma attached to substance abuse that may make patients leery of using medical professionals who need rehab, even if the drug or alcohol abuse is far in the past. Doctors, nurses, and other medical specialists may fear a loss of income as patients stop coming in, as well as being stripped of their license and other medical certifications.

Many doctors operate out of their own office or clinic, and they may be concerned about being available to make the important decisions and see patients. Medical professionals who need rehab for substance abuse may feel that they can not take a month or more off in order to get inpatient treatment for substance abuse, and arranging for this type of coverage may require a medical explanation. Rehab for substance abuse is considered medical treatment, and confidentiality should always be guaranteed by any program that is used. The right substance abuse treatment facility will have a program designed specifically for professionals, in order to overcome the unique obstacles that these individuals face.


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