Does Everyone With an Addiction Need Withdrawal Treatment?

withdrawal treatment

In Canada and the USA the number of people who struggle with addiction in some form is enormous, and one of the biggest reasons that recovery does not occur is because withdrawal treatment is not received. When the substance or behavior that the individual is addicted to is stopped then the person may go through withdrawal, and this is true for drugs, alcohol, and even certain behaviors that are addictive like gambling. There are some substances that can make withdrawal very difficult for the individual. You can start to experience withdrawal symptoms in as little as an hour or two after drinking or using drugs last. Withdrawal treatment can help control the symptoms of withdrawal and give you a better chance at a full and complete recovery.

Withdrawal treatment may not always be needed, some substances may cause more severe symptoms during withdrawal than others do. Heroin and opiate prescription medication are both addictions that can be extremely hard to beat, but if your withdrawal is treated to minimize the symptoms that you experience then you have a much better chance at overcoming the addiction and getting your life back to normal. Going through detox is usually the first step to substance abuse treatment, and withdrawal treatment may be offered during this phase. Sedatives or other medications may be used by the medical staff to minimize the symptoms that you experience, and help you get over the roughest spots. Withdrawal treatment is performed under medical supervision so that all of the symptoms are managed and you can get the substance abuse treatment that you need, and the results that you are hoping for.

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