Heroin Use is Increasing in Montreal and Other Canadian Cities

canadian cities, heroin useHeroin use is a global problem, and there is evidence that this drug is being found in increasing amounts in Montreal and other Canadian cities. In addition to more users than ever the users who try heroin and then become addicted are getting younger and younger in Canada. In the past older teens and young adults had the highest rates of heroin use, but in Canada today some users are in their early teens and can be found as young as 14 years old and even younger. The heroin addiction treatment centers in Montreal and other Canadian cities can not keep up with the large number of users, especially government sponsored substance abuse treatment centers. Private treatment facilities can be found if the user has the financial resources to pay for these services or insurance coverage that will cover the cost.

Heroin use starts a downward spiral that the user finds very difficult to stop. This can be one of the most addictive drugs found on the streets of Canada, and users who need a fix may rob, steal, or even commit violence in order to obtain the heroin that they crave. Government sponsored substance abuse treatment centers are typically crowded and noisy, with long waiting lists of people who need help but can not get it. Private treatment facilities like Valiant Recovery Canada can make the difference between a continuing heroin addiction and the treatment that the user desperately needs, with treatment programs that are proven to work and a setting that is private and comfortable.

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